Video: Lori


Contributor: Lori;

Connection: Person with type 1 diabetes; diagnosed in 1967

Standout Quote: “Some days it’s worse, some days it’s easy – any day with diabetes you can’t compare to the next day or the previous day, because it’s never the same thing two days in a row. […] Every day is a learning curve. […] I’m finding out that I’m not alone.”

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  1. Laura Rudolph said:

    Lori, you have made me SO Happy today!
    I was diagnosied in 1979 @ the age of 2 with diabetes.
    Hearing your story~seeing you have the continious glucose monitoring system (which I dont have yet!) I Needed you.
    This last year with turning 35 (and being told as a child growing up that I would never reach 20) has takin its toll on me.and having Diabetes 33 years this year~I have Never felt more Alone or scared in my Whole LIfe.
    You are one of the few people I have seen or heard of to have Diabetes and be as Healthy as you are! Everyone says they would Never geuss I have Diabetes by just looking at my outside. Funny thing about the outside huh :)… Thank you for sharing your story.

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