Video: Joslin Medalists

Contributors:  Joslin 50-Year Medalists (created by Kerri)

Connection: Medalists have lived with insulin-dependent diabetes for 50 or more years

Standout Quotes: “I emigrated to America all by myself, after being told never to leave my parents’ home, never get married, never get pregnant, never do anything because all of these “things” were going to happen to you… it’s now been 53 years that I’ve lived with [type 1 diabetes], and I have no complications at all. It’s quite overwhelming at times, but I tell everyone that the two miracle drugs God gave me are insulin and a sense of humor.”

Comments on: "Video: Joslin Medalists" (2)

  1. Thank You for showing us the possibilities! This is so uplifting and a great positive for our reality! Seeing real people having wonderful outcomes is so inspiring! Best of all the gifts of “insulin and a sense of humor” and I think we have those, too! So here’s to the future
    of living well with diabetes! Sandra mom to Colleen dxd with Type 1 diabetes @ 3 years old in 1999. You Can Do This!

  2. Joslin, you are my hero! I try to remind myself that a happy attitude is the best medicine,though it is difficult during the hard times. Your story brightened my day! God bless!

    Ellie: type 1 since age 3, now college sophmore

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