Video: Catherine

Contributor: Catherine; @dancethrubeetus

Connection: Person (and professional ballerina) with type 1 diabetes

Standout Quote: “Ballet is hard, but I stuck with it for 20 years. Diabetes is hard, and I’ll be sticking with that for many more years to come. (Hopefully not too many!) But I’m ready; I’m prepared. If I can wear my pump on stage and do 32  fouetté turns – then YOU can do this; I know you can. I didn’t quit dance; I kept going because I’m bigger than diabetes. Dance comes first. YOU come first. Diabetes comes second.”


Comments on: "Video: Catherine" (2)

  1. Catherine…Thank you SO MUCH for posting this video. I was just diagnosed as a type 1 a month ago, and I play roller derby. I’ve been playing for five years now, and am on a highly competitive all star team. While I don’t make my living playing, it’s my passion. If you can dance with this, then I can certainly skate with this. You’re right, derby came first, diabetes is just something I need to deal with, so that I can skate. And everyone will see my pump through my uniform and that’s okay. Thanks for being an example, and making that okay.

  2. diaseates said:

    Catherine, . . . . THANK YOU for posting your video. I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes 25 years ago at age 4. For the past few years I have been in diabetes burnout acting, in essence, as if i did not have this disease. I would just inject large amounts of lantus and novolog a couple times per day. My A1C consistently hovered around 14 for years. About 4 months ago I said a prayer and decided to put everything into “owning” my disease and gaining good control. I now test 10-15 times/day and inject about 10 times/day as well. I start pumping/cgm this month! I have never felt so scared and so alone with diabetes, ever. I can relate so much to your emotion at the end of this video (I may or may not have just wept at Starbucks while watching this). Thank you for your story, for your encouragement, and for your honesty. It’s hard, it’s challenging, it’s emotionally draining and unpredictable, but we CAN do this. Thank you.

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