Video: Danielle

Contributor: Danielle; @DanNicole88

Connection: Person with type 1 diabetes

Standout Quote: {In a letter to a younger version of herself} “You are in control. Sometimes you will not feeling like testing. Sometimes you will want to cry because you have simply had enough. Some days, even after 11 years, you will still feel like you have no idea what you’re doing. Keep going. I promise that if you monitor your blood sugars, eat healthy and take insulin when you’re supposed to, that you will feel great about yourself. On some days, you will dream about what life would be like if you were “normal”, but you can’t think that way. You ARE normal.”


Comments on: "Video: Danielle" (2)

  1. Danielle Jephson said:

    Danielle, as being a fellow type 1 diabetic as well I loved listening to your video. I cried in relief and happiness. I was diagnosed at the age of 10, and after having diabeties for 9 years I still struggle with accepting it. Your video and letter makes me feel like , Hey I actually am not alone and others feel the same way. I want to thank you for this video.

  2. Danielle, you are beautiful – and your message is beautiful.
    Thank you.

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