Blog: Joanne and Elise

Contributor: Joanne;

Connection: Parent of a child (Elise) with type 1 diabetes

Blog post:

“I don’t think I left the house by myself with Elise for about a month. I sank so deep into a chasm of despair, I feared I would never emerge.

Then came a revelation.

How I lived with Elise’s diabetes would be how SHE would live with her diabetes.


I wanted her to live well.

So I had to start living again too.

I started small… going back to the story time that she loved so much at the library.

Then, trips to the park.

My big moment came when I took her out to Chick-fil-a to have lunch with my Mom’s group… All by myself.

I started believing… I can do this.”

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  1. Somehow I missed this when it was posted… Thank you Kim for doing this and bringing so much hope and light to people who need to see it. All of these stories are wonderful.

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