Contributors: Sarah, TJ and Isaac;

Connection: Adult with diabetes; child with diabetes; wife/mom

Blog post:

“I think that the diagnosis of a lifelong chronic medical condition like type 1 diabetes can be daunting, but together we can help others know that all of their dreams are still within reach. The life as they know it will pick right up, it just comes with a few additional tools to rely on. Take for example our hiking, TJ and I have always loved doing it. Him having type 1 diabetes has never slowed us down, yes he has a pocket full of lifesavers, pen needles, insulin and keeps his glucometer within reach, but we still hike. With Isaac’s diagnosis we decided to take the same course of action, just now we pack two glucometers, two juice boxes, two rolls of glucose tabs, a glucagon kit (TJ never carried one before!), insulin, pen needles and well enough patience to make it up any mountain with two monkeys joining our adventures.”


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