Blog: Diane

Contributor: Diane;

Connection: Parent of a child with type 1 diabetes

Blog post:

“You can do this because you have strength in places you haven’t had to look yet.  You have the love for your child that will drive you to find the way to coach him how to have the confidence to manage and thrive in his new world.  And so you begin. 

You move onto to your “new normal” with a positive and calm demeanor because you know he is watching your every move and taking his cues on how to handle all the unknowns from how you are handling them.  You package up your own fear, worries and sadness and save it up for night or for your brief times alone in the car.

Diabetes is a family affair and while it makes me sad in places that I don’t have words for that my son’s childhood has been colored by this disease it has also brought a strength and bond to our family that gives me the peace to know we are able to handle our future. Diabetes is a part of us but it is not the soul of us.”


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