Year One.

The You Can Do This Project turns one year old today!

 It all started with this:

…and it keeps going strong.

 Have you been meaning to do a video, but just never got around to it? It’s never too late.

 Chances are there’s someone out there dealing with the very same thoughts, feelings and frustrations as you who needs to hear your story. Someone who thinks it’s just them; who thinks that no one understands; who feels so completely alone.

 They need to hear from you.

 Use whatever means you have necessary to record video (camera phones work too, ya know…), upload it to YouTube or Vimeo, and shoot me a link (youcandothisproject at gmail dot com) to it so that I can get it on the You Can Do This website and YouTube channels.

It doesn’t have to be perfect. Nothing is perfect. In fact, it’s more powerful when it isn’t.

 Share your story – be a light in someone’s darkness.


Comments on: "Year One." (1)

  1. Congratulations on the first year! So excited to see what the next year will bring.

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