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Video: Crystal Bowersox


Contributor: Crystal Bowersox; singer-songwriter and runner-up on the ninth season of American Idol.

Connection: Adult living with type 1 diabetes

Quote: “I’m really enjoying my life, and my health. I just wanted to make this video to let everyone know that you can achieve your dreams.”


Video: Kirsten

Contributor: Kirsten

Connection: Living with type 1 diabetes

Quote: “After four years, they finally realized that I *can* do this – and I could have a GPA better than all of them.”

#DWontStopMe: Corey

” I was diagnosed at age 33, mid half-marathon training when I suffered a severe foot injury.  I wasn’t sure if running again would be possible because of the diabetes and the 4 bone fusion I had in my right foot in December.  I was determined to prove everyone wrong and on Oct 27, a little over a year later, I PR’d in the Houston Half Marathon – 2:2:00.  Not bad for someone who almost died from DKA last May and who just started walking again in April.  #DwontStopME”

#DWontStopMe: Samantha

#DWontStopMe: Heetaik


#DWontStopMe: Brandon

#DWontStopMe: Hayley

” I’m a junior at Northwestern University, studying Industrial Engineering and Industrial Design. I’ve had Type I Diabetes since age 2, but that hasn’t slowed me down. These are my hopes and goals.”