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Blog: Colleen

Contributor: Colleen;

Connection: Person with type 1/LADA diabetes

Blog post:

“Finding out you have Type 1 (LADA) Diabetes at the […] age of 54 (one month before the 55th b’day) really, really stunk. Yes, I cried. Then I cried again at the grocery store trying to read those teeny, tiny nutrition labels. Then I cried again when I tried to eat some awful, cardboardy, “low carb” bread.

It’s been one hell of a struggle. It’s been a whole lot of learning.

But I am doing this because I can do this.

And yes, I still cry sometimes, just not as often…”


Video: Kelsey

Contributor: Kelsey; @kelsse

Connection: Person with type 1 diabetes

Standout Quote: “This year, I’ll celebrate 30 years with type 1 diabetes. Yes, I said CELEBRATE. They tell me a cure is just around the corner… I’m going to keep on walking to find that corner. If I can do this, YOU can do this.”

Video: Jenna

Contributor: Jenna

Connection: Child with type 1 diabetes

Standout Quote: “I know you can do this, because I have diabetes and I’ve had it for a long time. […] Just keep doing what you have to do, and I’m just letting you know that diabetes can NEVER stop you.”

Video: Sue


Contributor: Sue;

Connection: Person with type 2 diabetes

Standout Quote: “”There are a lot of days where… I just want to curl up into a ball and hide. There are more days like that than I’d like to admit. But on days like that […] I look up the DOC – a lot of wonderful people there, and great support.”