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Video: DYFI

Contributors: Campers from the Diabetes Youth Foundation of Indiana, 2011

Connection: Kids and teens with type 1 diabetes, as well as the camp’s staff

Standout Quotes: “I like meeting other diabetics, because it’s nice to know I’m not the only one around.”


Video: Camp Sioux

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Contributors: Campers at ADA Camp Sioux 2011

Connection: Children and Adults with type 1 diabetes

Standout Quote: “We can do this if we stick together.”

Video: Medtronic

Contributors: Employees of Medtronic (see blog post here)

Connection: Both persons with diabetes, and parents of children with diabetes

Standout Quotes: “I love to say that nothing is going to stop me, but there are times that diabetes stops me – where I live out my dreams during the day, but I curl up in bed at night and collapse on that pillow, and I still cry sometimes and say, ‘How can I actually do this tomorrow?'”

“I have gone to college on my own; I have traveled to China on my own [with] diabetes, I have repelled down 170 foot waterfalls with the insulin pump. […] and you can, too.”