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“We Can Do This”: Vol. 3

This is the third episode of “We Can Do This” – a series of group videos where people with diabetes come together around a common topic and share their diagnosis stories, lessons learned, and advice for others. Launched in 2012, the first video showcased five people who were diagnosed with type 1 diabetes as adults, while the second featured three people who live with diabetes-related anxiety.

Something that many people living with diabetes (of any type) face is the persistence of stereotypes and stigmas. You may have faced some of these inaccurate, and sometimes offensive, comments yourself – that people with diabetes “can’t eat candy”; that all you have to do is just take your medication and it all just works out; that type 1 only happens to kids (and they somehow magically will outgrow it); that type 2 diabetes is somehow “earned” due to obesity or laziness.

The truth is that type 2 diabetes exists on a large spectrum, and there is still much to learn about why and how it occurs, and in whom. Not every person diagnosed with type 2 diabetes fits the stereotypes, and we’d like to introduce you to a few: Phyllisa, Rachel, Joe, and Sue.


Video: Cherise

Contributor: Cherise; @SweeterCherise/@DiabetesSocMed

Connection: Adult with LADA/type 1 diabetes

Quote: “No matter what anyone says; no matter what a number may read: you are better than diabetes. Do not let diabetes steal your joy.”

Blog: Colleen

Contributor: Colleen;

Connection: Person with type 1/LADA diabetes

Blog post:

“Finding out you have Type 1 (LADA) Diabetes at the […] age of 54 (one month before the 55th b’day) really, really stunk. Yes, I cried. Then I cried again at the grocery store trying to read those teeny, tiny nutrition labels. Then I cried again when I tried to eat some awful, cardboardy, “low carb” bread.

It’s been one hell of a struggle. It’s been a whole lot of learning.

But I am doing this because I can do this.

And yes, I still cry sometimes, just not as often…”

Video: Chris

Contributor: Chris;

Connection: Adult with type 1 diabetes

Standout Quote: “”[Diabetes] is a very personal disease, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a one man or one woman army fighting this battle. There’s a community that […] wants to help and offer support, because doing this by yourself is pretty miserable.”

Video: Russ

Contributor: Russ; @russellstamets

Connection: Person with LADA diabetes

Standout Quote: “We’re all unique. There’s no one-size-fits-all for type 1, type 2, or anything in between. […] You really have to take charge of your own health.”

Video: Kris

Contributor: Kris Freeman; elite U.S. cross-country skier, member of U.S. Ski Team and Olympic athlete;

Connection: Person with type 1 diabetes

Standout Quote: “Having this disease […] does not have to get in the way of going after your dreams and aspirations.”

Blog: Simon

Contributor: Simon;

Connection: Person with type 1/LADA diabetes

Blog post:

“This is how my ten days in hospital with life threatening infections and severe DKA played out. All but blind and with limited mobility, I came face to face not only with insulin dependent diabetes but the reality that those I had long counted friends had abandoned me. I was no ordinary person then and 18 months later I am still no ordinary person.

Still enduring a string of medical appointments and physical pain from complications I am making a go of things. Working consecutive sixty hour weeks I’m sending out a signal to those “friends” who left me lying in ward. It’s a shout out to all of those who said I’d never make it back and it was all my fault…..I can do this and I am doing this.”