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Video: Kennedy

Contributor: Kennedy

Connection: Living with type 1 diabetes

Quote: “What diabetes has taught me is that you can’t let it rule your life. You’re not any different than anyone else; you’re just ‘limited edition’. Don’t be afraid.”


Video: Emily

Contributor: Emily;

Connection: Adult with type 1 diabetes

Quote: “A lot of people sympathize with me when they hear that I have to inject myself with a huge needle every three days when I change my infusion site. I guess it’s easy for non-diabetics to sympathize with the physical pain, because that’s something they can understand or have experienced themselves, but what they can’t understand is the other kinds of pain that come with this disease: the loneliness of feeling like you’re the only one having to deal with it, the anger and self-pity that comes when you’re wondering, ‘Why me?’, and the frustration and disappointment when your A1C comes back too high.”

Video: Fernanda


Contributor: Fernanda

Connection: Child with type 1 diabetes

Quote: “I’ve had diabetes for ten years, and I just want to say that it doesn’t have to stop you from doing anything. I, myself, play a lot of sports with my brother and cousins.”

Video: Jaime

Contributor: Jaime;

Connection: Child with type 1 diabetes

English translation: “Diabetes doesn’t matter. You can play sports, you can play tennis. Maybe it hurts when you get the insulin shot, but you need it to stay healthy. I’ve had diabetes for 7 years. I used multiple daily injections for three years (actually four), and now I have an insulin pump.”

Video: Melissa

Contributor: Melissa; @MelllBe

Connection: Teen with type 1 diabetes

Quote: “I see my diabetes as a blessing now, and I’m glad I stopped ignoring it. I’m so happy [that] I’ve had the support of people online – I did not know there were so many type 1 diabetics everywhere. It’s amazing.”

Video: Kyra

Contributor: Kyra

Connection: Child with type 1 diabetes

Quote: “I went to the pool (at the Friends For Life conference) and I was looking around for people with (insulin pump) sites. I saw this one girl my age, and she looked at me and said ‘We have the same site! The Quick Set!’, and so we played together.”

Video: Sarah

Contributor: Sarah;

Connection: Teen with type 1 diabetes

Quote: “You’re not alone – if you’re here, you know that. Diabetes is one of those few diseases that you manage yourself, and it doesn’t seem as hard as it is. You have to remember that you live with it forever; you’re stuck with it, so you have to make the best of it. Just live your life like any normal person would. Don’t think that just because you have this chronic illness that you have to hold back – don’t let it stop you from doing anything you want to do.”