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Video: Abril and Mary

Contributor: Abril and her mom, Mary

Connection: Child with type 1 diabetes, and caregiver/parent

English Translation (approximate):

Child: “Hi, my name is Abril and I have type 1 diabetes and I was diagnosed when I was 7 years old. I feel really happy and I can do whatever I want.”

Mom: “Hello, my name is Mary and I am Abril’s mom. It has been a year with Ms. Diabetes in the house, but we have realized that we can do anything. There have been some changes, right?”

Child: “Mmhmm.”

Mom: “We have to exercise more, change some of our eating habits. About a year ago I couldn’t even talk about it. I would cry and cry. And today, I see that it is bad but it can be done. We have changed a lot, and we feel really happy about that. What makes me happier is that Abril can do anything – she competes in triathlons, marathons, she runs, she swims, and jumps. She is absolutely happy, and we have learned from this. Most importantly, we have to learn, right? Read and learn a lot about diabetes to succeed.”


#DWontStopMe: Michael

Video: Kennedy

Contributor: Kennedy

Connection: Living with type 1 diabetes

Quote: “What diabetes has taught me is that you can’t let it rule your life. You’re not any different than anyone else; you’re just ‘limited edition’. Don’t be afraid.”

Video: Friends For Life “Words of Hope” – Kids With T1D

Just as we did in 2012, we asked people who visited our booth at the Friends For Life conference to share a little bit about their own journey with diabetes, and their advice for others. We had so many people participate this year that we’ve split the messages into three separate videos – here’s the third of three videos, featuring kids living with type 1 diabetes.

What advice would you share with children living with T1D? Leave your own “words of hope” in the comments below!

Video: Fernanda


Contributor: Fernanda

Connection: Child with type 1 diabetes

Quote: “I’ve had diabetes for ten years, and I just want to say that it doesn’t have to stop you from doing anything. I, myself, play a lot of sports with my brother and cousins.”

Video: Jaime

Contributor: Jaime;

Connection: Child with type 1 diabetes

English translation: “Diabetes doesn’t matter. You can play sports, you can play tennis. Maybe it hurts when you get the insulin shot, but you need it to stay healthy. I’ve had diabetes for 7 years. I used multiple daily injections for three years (actually four), and now I have an insulin pump.”

Video: JDRF Omaha Walk

Thanks to everyone who stopped by the You Can Do This Project table at the JDRF Omaha Walk to Cure this past Saturday – we had beautiful weather and a great turnout. The nature of the event may not have been conducive to recording much video, but we did gather some “Words of Hope” to share with you!