What exactly is the You Can Do This Project?

You Can Do This is a grassroots video movement, created by and for people with diabetes, that provides validation, hope, and encouragement through honest talk.

We are not a registered non-profit, we do not have any corporate sponsorships, and no one gets paid to work on this. We do what we can with what we have (and with the time we have outside of our “real world” jobs).

We are working to grow this into a globally-recognized resource for people everywhere who are living with diabetes. Peer-to-peer support can accomplish amazing things, and we’re proving that.

Who should participate in the You Can Do This Project?

Anyone affected by diabetes! Type 1, type 2, LADA. Parents of children with diabetes. Grandparents. Significant others. Everyone.

So how do I participate?

Record a video of you telling your story. Talk about how hard it was to be a teen with diabetes, or how college life and diabetes didn’t co-exist well. Share how you felt when you were diagnosed as an adult. Let other parents know the spectrum of emotions, fears, and triumphs you’ve had. If you’ve dealt with depression, burn out, or denial, tell others so they can know that they aren’t the only ones on that road.

(Note: as with all things on the internet, please share at your own risk – these videos divulge health information, and much like toothpaste from a tube, once it’s out… it’s out for good.)

Video isn’t really my thing. Can I still participate?

If video isn’t an option for you, many have participated by writing a blog post or recording a podcast instead.

Where do I put my video/how do I share it?

 Please refer to the “How To Participate” section.

How long/short should my video be?

Videos should be as short or long as you want them to be, in order to properly tell your story. Utilize art, photos, or music (but obey copyright laws, please) to help illustrate your points. Do whatever will help you tell your story in a way that feels comfortable to you.

How do I find others’ videos?

Browse through the entries on this site by utilizing the category tags (“Adults”, “Type 1”, “Mental Health”, etc). Look through our YouTube channel‘s “favorites” list, check our Facebook page, or search the hashtags #YouCanDoThisProject and #YCDTP on Twitter.


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