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Video: Kim

Contributor: Kim; @txtngmypancreas

Connection: Adult with type 1 diabetes; creator of the You Can Do This Project

Quote: “If you’re having a tough time living with diabetes, I totally get that. But I also want you to know that even when it gets super tough, you can bounce back from that. Talk to people – you won’t want to, because you won’t think they’ll ‘get it’, but you need to. I wish I had.”


Video: Melissa

Contributor: Melissa; @MelllBe

Connection: Teen with type 1 diabetes

Quote: “I see my diabetes as a blessing now, and I’m glad I stopped ignoring it. I’m so happy [that] I’ve had the support of people online – I did not know there were so many type 1 diabetics everywhere. It’s amazing.”

Video: Chris

Contributor: Chris;

Connection: Adult with type 1 diabetes

Standout Quote: “”[Diabetes] is a very personal disease, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a one man or one woman army fighting this battle. There’s a community that […] wants to help and offer support, because doing this by yourself is pretty miserable.”

Video: Katie

Contributor: Katie;

Connection: Adult with type 1 diabetes

Quotes: “This disease does not make the rules for me. I am 34 years old, I have run two marathons, five half-marathons… […] and in two month’s time, I will be giving birth to my first child.”

“There were many years where I struggled, rebelled, hated everything to do with diabetes, and thought I was the only one out there dealing with these issues.”

Video: Sarah

Contributor: Sarah; @SugabeticMe

Connection: Person with type 1 diabetes

Standout Quote: “One thing to remember about diabetes is that it can be stressful; it can be hard. Every day is a struggle. It is a battle to try and look normal, act normal, be like everybody else and still fall within the guidelines that are set for us to be so ‘perfect’, [by] the medical community. Looking back, I’m telling you – never let diabetes stop you from doing the things you want to do.”

Video: George

Contributor: George;

Connection: Person with type 1 diabetes

Standout Quote: “I spent a lot of time ignoring diabetes. I would go months without checking my blood sugar. I would still take my insulin – I never missed a shot, but I would never check my blood. I just hated it. I went a long, long time that way – not checking, not caring. In the back of my mind, it felt like it was a part of my life I didn’t want to face; didn’t want to deal with – so I didn’t. [after being in the hospital] I think seeing the fear and being scared myself was one of the reasons why I finally went and saw an endocrinologist, and found out my A1C was 12.5, and found out that that was bad. (I had never known my A1C before that.)”

Blog: Hannah

Contributor: Hannah;

Connection: Person with type 1 diabetes

Blog post:

“Every day, in some small way, I struggle with diabetes.  I can always see a brighter side, but this doesn’t mean I don’t stop at least once a month to curl up in a ball and cry.

You’re not alone, my friends.  Not in the least.  That’s right, this sunny, sweet blogger lives with depression.  Just today I went to my psychiatrist’s office for a quick visit to assess how well my Wellbutrin is working.  I went back on it several months ago, and I feel more even-keeled.  I have fewer mood swings.  I definitely spend less time weeping and feeling helpless.

 You can do this.  I repeat the mantra because I’m really thinking, ‘I can do this.’  I’m so much better off now that I’ve been on medication.  Brain chemicals are coming back into balance. Habits…well…they say habits take time to make and even more time to break.  I hope the rest of your awesome videos will push me in the right direction.”