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Video: Russ

Contributor: Russ; @russellstamets

Connection: Person with LADA diabetes

Standout Quote: “We’re all unique. There’s no one-size-fits-all for type 1, type 2, or anything in between. […] You really have to take charge of your own health.”


Blog: Simon

Contributor: Simon;

Connection: Person with type 1/LADA diabetes

Blog post:

“This is how my ten days in hospital with life threatening infections and severe DKA played out. All but blind and with limited mobility, I came face to face not only with insulin dependent diabetes but the reality that those I had long counted friends had abandoned me. I was no ordinary person then and 18 months later I am still no ordinary person.

Still enduring a string of medical appointments and physical pain from complications I am making a go of things. Working consecutive sixty hour weeks I’m sending out a signal to those “friends” who left me lying in ward. It’s a shout out to all of those who said I’d never make it back and it was all my fault…..I can do this and I am doing this.”

Video: Amy

Contributor: Amy;

Connection: Person with LADA/type 1 diabetes

Standout Quote: “I’m not sharing all this to bum you out, but to let you know that you are not alone if you’re dealing with all this stuff every day, or even if you’re just getting started. Sure, it’s a pain; sure, it’s a lot of work, but you know what? You can do this.”

Video: “Lady LADA”

Contributors: “Lady LADA” and daughter

Connection: Person with type 1/LADA diabetes

Standout Quote: “If I can do it, anyone can. Baby, you were born this way. BOLUS!”